40 Captioned Photos in Groups of 8

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17. Custom interview jib, greatly facilitating picture composition.

18. Original audio tapes of the on-camera interviews from which the self-narrating story lines were created.

19. The editing room at the Apertura studio in Orford, New Hampshire.

20. Synchronous transfer of the original audio tapes to magnetic film.

21. Film workprint and sound track: Green - first round archival film. Yellow - over 50 hours of on-camera film interviews broken down by subject. Orange - edited episodes. Blue - film interview outtakes (not shown).

22. Editing the stories: Red - transcripts of on-camera interviews. Blue - working copies. Yellow - interview transcripts broken down by subject. Orange - episode edit files.

23. Editing the "Farm Subsidies" episode — a major political issue of the period.

24. The "Farm Subsidies" edit — constructing a brief but revealing self-narrating story from hours of location interview material.


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