40 Captioned Photos in Groups of 8

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9. Interviewing prominent businessman Frederick Crawford (age 102) on the Coolidge Prosperity.

10. Interviewing historian August Heckscher on America at the close of World War I.

11. Filming at the Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

12. Filming the portrait of Governor Coolidge at the Massachusetts State House.

13. Interviewing historian William Leuchtenburg on the presidential election of 1920, the Coolidge-Mellon tax cuts, farm subsidies, welfare capitalism, and American foreign policy in the 1920s.

14. Interviewing historian Burton Folsom on the Coolidge-Mellon tax cuts and farm subsidies.

15. Setting up lights, camera and sound for a typical film interview.

16. Producer John Karol reviewing interview notes prior to filming.


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