In 1986 a preliminary search was first made for relevant archival film in public and private archives nationwide. Much was found to exist, albeit on decomposing nitrate film. Two years of research and writing began the following year, leading to completion of a comprehensive historical "treatment" in January 1989. That was followed by three and a half years of collaborative fundraising with The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. Through the leadership and generosity of the Woodstock Foundation, preproduction began in May 1992. Actual film production began in August, 1993. The three-hour story edit was completed in February 1997. Since then, much of the producer's time has been devoted to completion fundraising.


  • Pilot Phase: (Initial search for existence of archival film.)

June - September 1986

  • Treatment Phase: (Research and writing, leading to a four hundred page historical treatment on the personal and political life of Calvin Coolidge; mail bound copies to all academic advisors for review and comment.)

January 1987 - January 1989


Hiatus of three and a half years while funds were raised before production could begin.


  • Preproduction: (Research, contacts and "casting"; structuring interviews; advance trips and production planning; continued fundraising; initial filming.)

May 1992 - August 1993

  • Production: (Acquisition of story material on film and audiotape; organization and evaluation of material.)

August 1993 - December 1994

  • Postproduction: (Structure and edit the three-hour story; begin the location, acquisition, restoration and remastering of archival film, photos and sound recordings; preview screenings and continued fundraising; mail bound copies of the completed story edit to all academic advisors, interviewees and major donors.)

January 1995 - February 1997


Hiatus while completion and distribution funds are raised. Acquisition, restoration and remastering of archival film continues as quickly as funding allows.


  • Finishing: (Completion of archival remastering; fine cut sound and picture; music scoring, recording and edit; sound mix; titles, opticals and film lab finishing; transfer to video.)

About a year once completion funds are raised.


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