Personal Matters:

  • Origins, Education, Personal Character and Presidential Style
  • Deaths of Mother, Sister, Son and Father
  • The Boston Police Strike
  • Grace Coolidge
  • Choosing Not To Run

Presidential Issues:

Big Three:

  • Tax Cuts, Prosperity, and (later) The Crash and Depression
  • Farm Subsidies (McNary-Haugenism)
  • Allied War Debts and German Reparations; Mexico, Nicaragua,China and The Soviet Union; Economic and Cultural Expansion

Little Three:

  • Materialism, Mass Culture, The Modern Consumer Society, Welfare Capitalism and The Associative State
  • Prohibition
  • Racial Harmony


  • Normalcy, The Harding Presidency and The Harding Scandals
  • Hoover as Commerce Secretary and Presidential Candidate



"Things of the Spirit" is a three-hour biographical film on the personal and political life of Calvin Coolidge. It is episodic in structure, with episodes ranging in length from less than a minute to over ten minutes. The overall arrangement of its 32 episodes is chronological:



Weaned on a Pickle

The Needs of Education

Massachusetts Politics

The Strike

The Road to Normalcy

The Limitations of the Law

I Thought I Could Swing It

The President

Campaign 1924

Tax Cuts

The Power and the Glory

Amazing Grace

Our First Talking President

Modern Times

Toleration and Liberalism

The Business of America

The Coolidge Prosperity

Crash and Depression


Farm Subsidies

Your Son, Calvin Coolidge

Welfare Capitalism

I Do Not Choose To Run


Spreading the American Dream

Our Man in Havana

Saint Calvin

The Things That Are Unseen

Wonder Boy

I Know My Work Is Done


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